Late night thoughts

Today I can right click within Windows PC Folders and rotate a picture by 90°. In 2010 I might perhaps be able to do the same thing for a video.

Take a second to digest that - how basic are these functions, how simple - if, just for example, you had a photograph in front of you, how easy would it be to rotate it? And how complex is the same action within the virtual world?

This is so much the beginning. In the virtual space we are just about learning how to move ourselves about, we have not yet even considered talking. If we were children we'd still be wearing nappies.

I am convinced we are taking our very first steps in a new world of infinite possibility, and yet some commentators seem to think they understand it all, almost as if the brilliance of this new adventure is already over. Don't believe those who claim to have the answers, they only have themselves in mind, and lack the ability to comprehend what they are perceiving. Great things are yet to come.

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