My Research

Just realised that I blogged about my research but never actually explained what it was. Basically I'm a bit obsessed with tech, and want to bring my knowledge of it to bear on research into it's use within education. I'm frustrated by what I see as confusion in this field, and to some extent the breadth of people trying to achieve within it, and think that a lack of expertise about tech itself is in part to blame for lack of progress. It doesn't help that this field can move so bleeding quick that just when you think you've created some good research you find it's out of date, or even worse you're out of date ... youch.

In light of that I'm trying to see if I can extrapolate something that unites all ICTs, both past, present and (hopefully) future, so that we can concentrate on applying a conceptual model of what ICTs have to offer instead of applying a specific ICT. Not, therefore, looking at how a blog might be used in education (just an example), but what is it about the blog, what fundamental characteristics underly what a blog is made of, that can enhance education. Tall order perhaps, but from what I've done so far I don't think it's as complex as it might at first appear.

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