In praise of 'Chrome'

Just a quick post about Google Chrome, the new web browser on the block. As an Internet professional I need to stay abreast of additions to the market like this, but to be honest although I downloaded Chrome when it was released I hadn't used it much until this weekend at home. I do find that the browser tends to struggle these days with what designers are throwing at us via the web (new look Facebook, for example ... say no more) so decided to see if Chrome's promise of a better architecture to deal with these sort of sites was true or not.

Suffice it to say that Chrome is now my default browser at home. I try to make sure I use several on the various PCs I have (Firefox on my main work PC, IE on my laptop, Opera on my mobile) just to keep in touch with the different ways they render pages, but Chrome beats the others hands down with the complex sites I tend to use. I reckon on some it may be 5-10 times faster which is a huge improvement.

Take my advice - if you tend to use sites with cutting edge web applications then give Chrome an extended test. I reckon you won't be disappointed.

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