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Tech Trumps® Friday Focus: Milanote - Visually research, think and plan

Happy end of term! I know most schools are finishing now, so congrats for another great year - and enjoy the holidays; no one needs recharging more than a teacher. In honour of the end of the summer term I'm choosing something that you might like to explore out of the classroom as well as when you're back next September. For my Tech Trumps®  Friday Focus this week I've gone for the beautiful, intuitive, and very collaborative Milanote.
What is Milanote? Milanote is an online board where you can write notes, upload images and add links, and connect them together in any way you please using lines. Basically it's a visualisation tool, which allows you to express something using visual layout with text and images. There are quite a few tools out there like it, but personally I find Milanote one of the best because it's just so lovely to look at, and easy to use. It's rare to have something quite so easy to get started with.
Whilst it looks very simple, it also has s…

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