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The two different Edtech approaches: And why the AI one will fail

If there's one thing that's endlessly recurrent in Edtech discussion, it's the latest thing, the new fad, the must-have shiny. It seems there's always a new kid on the block that will be THE thing to transform education. There was the Ebook and the 3D printer, Augmented Reality or its close cousin Virtual Reality. Who can forget the excitement over tablets, and the iPad in particular. What about gamification, VLEs, mobiles, MOOCs even. I could go on ...

The one thing that connects all these fads is just that - they were fads. Yes, some of them have become embedded in practice in some niches, but the idea that they were going to transform education more widely has now been forgotten - and now it's on to the next great thing, and it seems the next great thing for the foreseeable future is ... AI. If you believe the hype we're now at a point where computer software can be designed to be clever enough to analyse how well a student grasps a topic, learn from their a…

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