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Tech Trumps® Friday Focus: AWW - touch-friendly online whiteboard app

My focus this Friday is on the app known as AWW - no, not an expression of sentiment when watching the latest Disney cartoon, but instead shorthand for "A Web Whiteboard". It's one of many of my Tech Trumps® that are particularly well suited for Collaborating and Differentiating, so if you're interested in those topics read on ...
What is AWW? At it's heart AWW, or to give it it's full name A Web Whiteboard, is exactly what it says on the tin - it's a way of creating an interactive whiteboard simply by using a web browser. Imagine you end up in a teaching room with a just a projector and a laptop, with a click of a button AWW allows you to use your web browser as a replacement interactive whiteboard with so sign up required, no logging in, no fee - it's that simple.

As it's also touch-friendly, if you're lucky enough to have a touch enabled computer then the only difference is that you'll be drawing on your laptop screen rather than the wh…

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