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Tech Trumps Friday focus: Padlet - simple, quick collaborative whiteboards

To celebrate the completion of my new Tech Trumps, and the first issue of real packs to local schools and other educational institutions, I'm going to start a new Friday series of blog posts focusing on just one Tech Trump at a time.

This Friday it's the turn of Padlet (
What is Padlet? Padlet is a type of online noticeboard or whiteboard, an electronic pin board where you can place text notes, images, audio, videos, links or other files.

You can customise your padlet by changing the wallpaper and the way that you position posts that are added, e.g. free form, grid or stream.

You can keep your padlet private, share your padlet using a secret link or using a password, or make it public; and in each case you can control how others can contribute - read it, edit it, or even moderating others content.

Padlet does not require any special hardware, software or installation, it just runs in a web browser, so is relatively easy to get started with.
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