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Tech Trumps® Friday Focus: Socrative - In class web-based student response system

This Friday I'm returning to an old favourite of mine that I've used extensively in both higher and secondary education. It's an app that has been designed from the ground up to assist educators with one of the most important things they can do in a classroom - formative assessment. This week it's the turn of Socrative.
What is Socrative? Socrative is one of the many apps available now that allows teachers to ask a question, and students to answer that question using a digital device. It's actually been around for many years - I remember meeting the original designer at a conference, long before it became famous, and having some very excitable conversations about its potential!

There are three types of quiz: a standard question by question, a space race game where students work in teams to outperform each other and an pre-made exit ticket with 3 short questions. When you first start you're given a room name - this will always be the same, so it's a good ide…

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