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Tech Trumps® Friday Focus: Pocket - Save and manage useful web resources

If there's one thing the web has done for us more than anything else it's provide an endless stream of new information. Suddenly everyone is an author, everyone is a publisher, and all those thoughts and opinions that were tucked up inside peoples heads are now broadcast far and wide across the Internet. It's created a real challenge for educators; previously we had mostly curated sources, libraries chock full of texts that had already been specially filtered for the school that was to become their new home. Now, often the first challenge when investigating a new topic, and being faced with the oceans of information online, is to try and work out which ones are worth reading later and which you can safely ignore. Which brings me neatly to this Fridays app. Once it was called "Read It Later", but now it's simply referred to as "Pocket".
What is Pocket? Pocket's original name, "Read It Later", was (I thought) fantastically simple and des…

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