Web 2.0 and Personalities

I've recently taken on a new role at the University looking at web innovation so covering all things web 2.0, web 3.0, that sort of thing. A colleague and I have this broad remit to investigate, report and build.

Whilst I'm a big user of lots of innovative web stuff, I use some of it more because I think I should than because I necessarily want to. My own internal tension about what I should be using has been reflected elsewhere in my research and teaching, as I come across all sorts of types of people who engage with lots of different types of web technology in different ways. Perhaps the most striking of all of these in the young students who want nothing to do with the tech, or at least are not half as engaged as you'd think. Aren't all young people mad about this stuff, or isn't that what we're led to believe?

Conversations with colleagues about Twitter recently have really been interesting, and have started to lead me to think whether or not engagement with some of this tech is about personality types. The classic tweeting position is after all one of 'listen to me', and although experienced users will say that the best use is actually to use it to converse rather than preach, nevertheless the vast majority of what Twitter is being used for is to disseminate what an individual thinks is right. Kind of like the person in the meeting/party/whatever who always seems to have something to say.

Now these are very formative thoughts, but I was pleased to find others on the web with similar concepts, for example the Web 2.0 in the Classroom blog, so will certainly be pursuing it further. I suspect it will map quite nicely to my virtul space concepts, and in tandem with those will help to explain not only how people use the web but also what we can achieve within it.

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